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Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with?

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    What is VidMaker?

    VidMaker is a New Media education tool. It is a platform where students can explore new ways to share their views and thoughts with others. It is a new medium for creating, submitting and reviewing assignments. It provides students a way to express their views, and to learn from the discoveries and creations of others.
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    How many videos can I create using VidMaker?

    You can create as many videos as you want using VidMaker. All your videos are saved in the app.
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    What makes VidMaker essential for Teachers?

    Teachers use the VidMaker Dashboard webpage to assign projects to their students using VidMaker. Teachers can compose their own assignments or use stock curriculum-based assignments made by the VidMaker Team. Kids love making Vids as homework or in the classroom, to show off their personal creativity, a great alternative to pencil and paper.
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    What makes VidMaker essential for students and parents?

    Kids learn better when they are having fun. VidMaker puts powerful and user friendly tools in the hand of students. At the same time VidMaker is fun to use, mixing words, sounds, animations and 3D worlds in a medium that is prime for personal expression and humor. Kids will love doing their homework on VidMaker, and they will want to keep doing it.
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    How can you use VidMaker in a classroom?

    VidMaker is Designed for teachers and students to interact in a classroom in a new digital way. Teachers assign projects which show up in the student's queue in VidMaker. Student creates their Vid and submits it in a single click. Kids love to show off their creative work. Teacher can show 'screenings' of the best Vids turned in for each assignment.
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    How much does it cost?

    There are Two Subscription Plans. The Prices are mentioned below:

    Quarterly: $9.33 Per Month ($27.99 Per Quarter)
    Annual: $8.17 Per Month ($97.99 Per Year)
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    How to create an account on VidMaker?

    If you already have an account on Blue Apprentice, you can use that account to login to VidMaker. If you don’t have a Blue Apprentice account, follow these steps to create an account.

    1. Launch VidMaker
    2. Tap on Create Account
    3. Enter your details to create a new account.
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    What is VidMaker Community?

    VidMaker Community is a platform where all the VidMakers express their creativity and share different educational Vids on Science, Mathematics, Physics, General Knowledge and much more!
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    How to Submit a Vid to the VidMaker Community?

    After Creating a Vid, Tap on the ‘Finish’ button on top right corner of the screen. Now tap on ‘Make VID Public’ button. Make sure that you’ve followed all the Submission Guidelines before you Make a VID Public. If you have any other questions regarding Vid Submission, please Contact Us.
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    How to get my Vid Approved for VidMaker Community?

    You must follow these Guidelines to get your Vid Approved for the VidMaker Community:

    Submission Guidelines: As part of our mission, we recognize the importance of sharing your Vids with other VidMaker users all over the world. To help us offer the best Vids, and to maintain fairness and consistency, we review your submissions under the following guidelines:

    Every Vid should be:
    • Educational: include information others can learn from.
    • Watchable: make clear points that makes sense.
    • Finished: do not submit test or work-in-progress Vids.
    • Factual: only make claims supported by text or evidence.
    • Appropriate: avoid offensive, bullying or unsafe messages.
    Follow these guideline and the VidMaker Community will be happy to showcase your creative work. Now have some fun, and keep more Vids coming!
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    Why has my Vid not been Reviewed yet?

    As a lot of Vids keep coming all the time for review, it can take up to 5 days for Team VidMaker to review your Vid. If your Vid is still in review after 5 days, please resubmit your video or Contact Us.
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    Why was my Vid Rejected?

    After reviewing Vids, Team VidMaker Rejects the Vids which do not conform to the Submission Guidelines. If your Vid was made according to the guidelines but has still been Rejected, please contact us.
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    How to get my Vid Featured among the Premium Vids?

    Only the most exceptional Vids are included among our Premium Vids. Team VidMaker is always looking for the best Educational Vids to be included in the Premium Vids. If you think you have the creativity required to meet our criteria, show us your work and we’ll definitely get your Vid(s) among our Premium Vids.
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    How does my Vid become Popular?

    The Vids having better Ratings and Views are among the most Popular Vids. If you want your Vid to be Popular, awaken the creative side of yours and make the best Educational Vids possible so that others can learn from your Vids and love them.
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    How many Vids can I submit to the VidMaker Community?

    There is No Limit to the Number of Vids that you can Submit to VidMaker Community. Share as many Vids as you want to and our team will approve them as long as they’re made following our Submission Guidelines.
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    Who Rates my Vids?

    Everyone who watches your Vid on the VidMaker Community can rate your Vids.
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    What is Search Tool?

    In VidMaker Community, you can Search for your Vids using the Search Tool which can be accessed from the Navigation bar on Top of the Screen. The Search Tool can be used to search for any Vid by Title or Username or a word which has been used in the Vid.
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    Who Reviews my Vids?

    Team VidMaker Reviews your Vids. We look for the most creative Vids from which everyone can learn. If you think you can make great Vids regarding Science, Maths or any other Educational Topic, share your Vids with us right away!
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    Why can I not see my Vid in the VidMaker Community?

    If your Vid has been Approved but you’re still not being able to see it in the VidMaker Community, use the Search Tool to find your Vid. Or on the ‘Latest’ Tab below the Navigation bar, you scroll to the next pages to find your Vid. If you can still not find your Vid, please contact us.