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VidMaker Works!

Powerful tools to create Presentations
and Assignment Videos


Do-it-yourself video production application that helps students make fun educational videos using
characters, backgrounds, sounds and animations.

Bring your ideas to life

Come up with ingenious ideas to Verbalize your content. Illustrate your knowledge and ideas with intuitive suite of VidMaker


Fun or Education VIDs

VidMaker is a do-it-yourself video production application that helps students make fun educational videos.


Projects or Assignment

Use VidMaker to produce Vids assigned by your teacher, or to replace pencil-and-paper for any report. Animated videos are the classroom media of today.


Share with others

Broadcast your words and ideas. Share your animated Vids to the VidMaker Community.


Watch & Learn

Browse hundreds of Vids made by students like you. The VidMaker Community lets you search by topic or key words. Learn from each other, and teach each other.


Discover the magic of VidMaker

With the power to combine knowledge with creativity, VidMaker is a new medium for reports and presentations. For school projects or personal story-telling, VidMaker turns quick, easy work into impressive, eye-catching works of animated art.

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