Improve Your Child’s Grammar with Powerful Story Assignments
A fun-to-use educational tool for students to make assignments and presentations using 3D animations, characters and backgrounds.

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Fun Learning with Interactive Tools

VidMaker offers interactive tools to grab student attention such as draw tool, sound effects, 3D background creator etc.

Word Wizard and Grammar Feature

The Word Wizard and Grammar features of VidMaker help students organically discover new words, improve sentence structure and correct common grammar mistakes.

Fully Functional Teacher’s Portal

Teachers can create story assignments, mark them and monitor individual student activity as well as progress on the app.

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VidMaker Features

Learning can never be fun without interactive tools and features that grab a kid’s attention. VidMaker comes with multiple features like draw tool, sound effects, 3D background creator and whatnot, which can not only acquire a child’s interest but can also let children learn and understand different concepts of science and arts in an easy, interactive and interesting way.

Auto Correction

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With the power to combine knowledge with creativity, VidMaker is a new medium for reports and presentations. For school projects or personal story-telling, VidMaker turns quick, easy work into impressive, eye-catching works of animated art.