VidMaker Features

Create rich videos with our unique and powerful features.

Your Perfect Grammar Guide

VidMakerâ„¢ is an interactive app providing your children an easy alternative to improving their English Language. It has been designed to help improve English language Arts for elementary and middle school kids.

Synonym sorter Punctuation Antonym switch Predictor Easy-fill Spelling fix

Varied Locations

Choose your background from VidMaker's ever growing library of 3D worlds. From icy wilderness to desert dunes, choose wisely.

Title Screens

The intro titles to your Vids make an effective first impression. VidMaker provides a rich library of fonts, colors and wallpaper images to grab viewers and make them watch.

Reviews & Comments

Engage your class with automated digital assignments. Vids get submitted back to you for grade and review. Show appreciation with a star rating, and screen the best Vids for the whole classroom.

Custom Sounds

Add ambient sound and music to enhance the mood of your Vids. Each shot can play an expressive sound effect.

Add Emotions

Pick from a library of 'emote' animations, ranging from happy to sad, angry to silly. VidMaker blends these animations into the spoken words written by you.

Variety of Characters

A Vid is a conversation between any two characters you choose. Each has its own voice and its own expressive personality.

Use Animation

Drawings unfold onto the screen just as the drawing process gets recorded by VidMaker. The hand of the artist is there as the Vid plays.


Each Vid is a series of shots; turns of a conversation or illustrations in series. What you see in the VidMaker editor is what you get in the Vid.


Unleash your creativity with Vidmaker Draw, a fun and easy drawing tool, that records the drawing process and plays in back live inside your Vids.

Take Pictures

Use your built-in web or mobile camera to capture illustrative images straight into your Vid.

Voice Overs

Type the spoken lines into each shot. The characters will speak them aloud automatically. Each character has its own unique voice.

VidMaker Community

Discover and enjoy Vids produced by other users from all over the world. Search by topic and key words. Give Vids up to five star ratings.

Share Vids

Post your productions to the VidMaker Community. Share with friends, teachers or parents, and get five star ratings in return.

Image Gallery

Choose illustrative images from a varied library of stock photos and drawings. Chosen by teachers and by the VidMaker team, there is a stock image for almost any theme or purpose.


Teachers create VidMaker assignments, or pick from a library of assignments built around Curriculum by the VidMaker Team. Students complete their Vids and send them back for a grade.