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    Galxyz is introducing VidMaker, a groundbreaking tool that targets 21st century learning skill development of Creative Thinking as well as Communications. VidMaker allows a student to create and deliver vibrant assignments as animated 3D videos by directing a story frame by frame - as easy as PowerPoint!. For example, a two minute video on climate change only takes 15 minutes to make. Or a discussion about Shakespeare! Teachers create assignments and share a code with students. The students access the VidMaker tool on iOS, Android or Windows device. Students can then create videos in which two robots are having a conversation on the assignment. This really helps in their ability to verbalize an argument and provide supporting evidence for that argument, not to mention that it is really fun!

    Become a Teacher

    Register your account as a teacher from Website or from the App.


    Login on your Device

    Once registered and verified, login to your account to view dashboard.

    Create an Assignment

    Create your own assignments simply by filling out the details in a simple form.


    Send Assignment Code

    VidMaker generates a unique assignment code, which you share with your students.

    Students Enter Assignment Code

    Students then complete their assignments in VidMaker, and turn back to you for a grade. Turned-in work shows up on your dashboard.


    Students Create Vids

    Students then use VidMaker to complete their assignments and share Vids with their teacher.

    Review, Rate, Share

    Show your appreciation for the hard work of your students by giving them a rating. Share the best Vids by screening them for the whole class.


    All your Devices

    Sync across all devices to keep everything running smoothly and up-to-date.