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VidMaker Works!

Powerful tools to create Presentations
and Assignment Videos

Create Vids

Homework has never been so fun! Make Vids for school assignments or as a medium of self-expression.

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Create a Video

Create a fresh Vid, edit an existing one or start making your homework assignment.


Create An Amazing Title Screen

Give your story a perfect introduction with a splash of color and fancy lettering. Choose from many fonts, colors and backgrounds.


Compose Your Video

Focus on a topic or point, make your characters converse, laugh, argue until they learn something or come to an agreement.

Scripting video

Choose Any Two Characters

Each robot has his own voice and personality.

Choose a Robot

Powerful Automatic Features

The animation, lip-sync, camera movements, voices and effects are all choreographed by artificial intelligence. You just pick the variety you want and VidMaker does the rest.


Show Time

Quiet on the set! Press the play button and the whole Vid unfolds on the screen before you. Find a moment to improve? Stop, make quick changes and then play it again, Sam!

Video Playing