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    Easy, paperless, hassle free!

    Create Assignments

    Creating assignments has never been easier. Make as many assignments as you want, set the due date, share the assignment code with your students and let the learning begin.

    Manage your Class

    We’ve made it easier for you to manage all your classes in simple and easy ways. Add students, create classrooms and manage your classes in an organized way. Create separate accounts for your students in just a single click.

    Stay Organized

    Use our efficient tools and handle your classrooms and students in an organized way. Create and update assignments and contests, assign deadlines, review your students’ works and show them appreciation by passing good remarks.

    Rate, Review & Share

    Evaluate your students’ efforts and review their work in just a few clicks. Set your own grading criteria and mark them accordingly. Creativity, Content, Art or Concept, choose any criteria that you want for marking your students’ Vids.

    Success stories from Schools

    Educators are transforming their clasrooms with VidMaker, all while saving time, developing students’ interest in learning and making it paperless. Best of all, our work with LGS Campus Lahore has shown the results - VidMaker works! An event conducted by VidMaker invited students from different grades to use our app. Kids really like the products, were very responsive and eagerly participated.

    Best Vids by Kids

    Some of the top Vids created by students in little time.

    Exploration and Migration

    Waniya - Grade 5

    Happy Halloween

    Frank Jones - Grade 7

    T-Shirt Advertisement

    Zainab Khan - Grade 7

    What teachers have to say

    Create Your First Vid

    With the power to combine knowledge with creativity, VidMaker is a new medium for reports and presentations. For school projects or personal story-telling, VidMaker turns quick, easy work into impressive, eye-catching works of animated art.

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